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The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2013

2013 was a year of growth for The Unlikely Homeschool.  After celebrating the one year anniversary of this little on-line ministry, I watched as God grew it to reach thousands of mommas each day.  Our daily journey together here and on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google + has been a personal highlight of the year.  

Thank you so much for joining me for this ongoing homeschool conversation and for voting The Unlikely Homeschool the 2013 Homeschool Vlogger of the Year.  My sincerest thanks!

As we round out the year, I thought I'd just recap some of the highlights.  Here's a look at the top 13 most-read posts of 2013.  If you missed any, now's your chance to get all caught up.

#13- Christmas Schooling with 25 Christmas Writing Prompts.

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2013

"Although not all of my kids love to write, they ALL love to weave words into captivating stories.  This year, I hope to harness that fondness of WORDS by helping my children create a Christmas Journal...a countdown to Christmas for homeschoolers...a chance to set the school books aside and learn through enjoying the season."

#12- Books EVERY Preschooler Should Enjoy

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2013

"When selecting chapter books to read aloud, I always scrutinize the CONTENT and the LITERARY MERIT.  Why should it be any different with picture books?  In fact, as these simple stories are the first introduction my children ever have to the loveliness of the written word, I am MORE critical of what I bring home to share with them.  I want them to be captivated by books.  Only a well-written story with beautiful illustrations and thoroughly-developed characters will do."

#11- ABC Book Printable Pages

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2013

"After learning the letter by pulling fun items out of  his mystery alphabet bag, every Tuesday found him creating a simpleABC-themed craft page that emphasized its shape and sound.  At the end of the year, I took all of the craft pages to Office Max and had them bound with a cover."

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2013

"For the past nine years of parenthood, The Hubs and I have made it a priority to cultivate a passion for God and His Word in our children...to sow a love for God in order that we will have the blessing of reaping a love for God. "

#9- Why and How to Implement a 4-Day Homeschool Schedule

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2013

"I never want to spend my days feeling like I am ALWAYS behind...in school, at home, in life.  So, by affording myself the luxury of having a buffer day, I am ensuring that I can wear BOTH the momma hat AND the teacher hat well. "

#8- My Best Advice for the Newbie Homeschooler

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2013

"Remember, God did not give us all the same tools in life, so He certainly does not expect us to build the same thing.  By prioritizing your time and energy on just THREE goals in your first year, you are allowing yourself to be the homeschool mom that YOU are suppose to be. "

#7- How do you Homeschool with a Baby or Toddler?

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2013

"How do you homeschool with a baby or toddler?...The question continues to flood my inbox.  And, although I won't begin to masquerade as an EXPERT on the subject, I have never homeschooled WITHOUT a baby or toddler.  It's all I know."

#6- The Ugly Truth About a Blog

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2013

"The Deceiver would like nothing more than to use my blog...meant to encourage and equip...to whisper his lies of self-doubt, insecurity, and insufficiency into the hearts and minds of some sweet mommas."

#5- Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2013-2014

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2013

"With curriculum shopping list firmly in hand, I scoured the shelves of my state homeschool convention determined to find great books at great prices!  I'm fairly certain that I lugged home my body weight in GOOD READS...but that's between me and my chiropractor. "

#4- Our Homeschool Places and Spaces 2013

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2013

"While I know some opt to create a homeschool classroom...a room dedicated strictly to homeschooling that mirrors that of a traditional school, the Hubs and I have chosen to invite school into our entire home.  Because, in truth, learning happens where LIFE happens.  Neither LIFE nor LEARNING can be boxed up between four little walls.  "

#3- Field Trip Log Printable

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2013

"Since the Newbie arrived nine months ago, our field trip-ping has been few and far between.  But I'm determined to make more intentional effort to get us exploring our town, our state, and beyond. "

#2- 5 Days of Scheduling Your Entire Homeschool Year

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2013

"While some might baulk at the idea of scheduling the whole year in advance assuming that a prescribed plan removes all possibility of delight-directed learning or cultivating natural curiosity, I would propose that it does just the opposite...at least in my experience, anyway. "

#1- 10 Thoughts on Raising Boys to be Men

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2013

"I am a mom of four boys.  It is a high calling and a huge challenge that I do not take for granted.  While in my selfishness and sometimes laziness I sometimes fail at my best laid plans, I am confident that God desires my boys to be men someday...REAL MEN...and He'll accomplish that with or without me.  I'm honored and humbled that He has allowed me to be a part of the blueprint."

Thanks again for joining me for 2013.  I look forward to getting to know you more in the upcoming new year.  

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  1. I have really enjoyed your blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to write (or video) about your homeschool. I know it can be time consuming and I just wanted you to know what a blessing it has been to me. I appreciate the glimpses into your home and the wonderful ideas that you share. Thank you!