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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Free Lower Case Alphabet Book Pintables

Lower Case ABC Alphabet Book Printables-The Unlikely Homeschool

After coming across my original Preschool Alphabet Book printables and corresponding art activities, several readers wrote asking if I could produce a lower case edition.  

Why didn't I think of that??

After all, lower case letters are ALWAYS my preferred method for teaching the ABCs.  

So, here ya' go.  

It just so happens that my little Greased Lightning will be working on his own art-inspired ABC Book pages this year in preschool.  

*These printables are FREE but are for personal use only.  In downloading the following files, you are agreeing not to copy, reproduce, or alter them except for your own personal, non-commercial usage.  In addition, you are also agreeing not to share or publicly display any or all parts of the materials on Facebook, in an email, or in person.  If you wish to share the downloads with others, please share a direct LINK to this post.


  1. This is great! I have an autistic son that will benefit greatly from these. I think I will have him glue something to each letter that starts with that letter, and then put them all in a binder like a book :)

    1. That's actually exactly how I use the letters too. If you click on the original capital letters link, you'll see how it all comes together. So glad that they will work for you!

  2. Thank you for sharing your time and talents. I am also an elementary teacher turned homeschooling mom :). I am working on my own blog to keep myself motivated and hopefully help other new homeschoolers as well. Take care, Sarah of www.homeschoolingthewholechild.com

  3. For making the ABC craft book, do you use both the upper and lowercase pages? If so, do you do the same craft on both pages or different ones?

    1. No. I don't do both. One or the other. I prefer the lower case version.