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10 Little Things You Should Know About the Unlikely Homeschool

10 Little Things You Should Know About the Unlikely Homeschool

1.  I filter everything I write through my faith.

I am an evangelical Christian and seek to glorify Jesus Christ, my Savior, in everything I do including how I educate my children and what I write about on this blog.  I realize that not every homeschooler chooses to homeschool because of faith, but that is definitely one of my primary reasons for doing so. That being said, I'd like to be candid with all of you, my dear readers, and admit that I filter my writing through the same grid that I filter my life...my faith in Christ and His Holy Word.  While I welcome ANY homeschooler to join me in this on-line journey, I recognize that not all of my readers share my same beliefs.  I never mean to offend, however, I don't apologize for speaking The Truth as I know it to be according to the Bible.

2.  It's "not about me", but sometimes it is.

At the risk of sounding completely self-centered, sometimes this blog is more for me than for you. You see,
I love speaking them.  I love reading them.  I love writing them.
I love words.
Somedays I have so many words just waiting to be poured out that I honestly can't wait to share them with you.  Words have always been cathartic for me.  And while I wish we could sit down and have a good long chat about homeschooling over a hot cup of Starbucks' coffee, I'll settle for our little get-togethers here.  (Sorry that the conversation is often one-sided!)

3.  I'm more unplugged than you might think.

If you "follow me" on any form of social media, you might be tempted to say, "Man, that girl is always on line!  When does she ever ACTUALLY homeschool?!"

I'll let you in on a little secret...I'm usually only on-line 2...sometimes 3...times a day.  Because, you are right...I do have to homeschool and more importantly be INVOLVED, not just PRESENT in the lives of my children.  For that reason, I pre-schedule almost all of my social media posts...sometimes days in advance.  So while the "Facebook me" is sharing a link to a fun free printable, the REAL ME is on a field trip with my kids milking a goat.   

4.  I'm a mom first...and then a blogger.

I absolutely love hearing from all of you.  Over the last year, you have been such an encouragement to me.  That being said, I know that I haven't always been able to respond to each and every email, comment, or social media reply that you have sent.  Please know that I do my best to maintain proper priorities of my time as a wife, a mom, and a blogger.  And so, if I don't answer right away...or sadly, at all...it is not because I don't want to.  It is simply because while I might receive 170+ emails on any given day, I realistically only have time, as a homeschooling mom of five, to respond to a few.  

5.  I affiliate with purpose.

Perhaps you have noticed the words "affiliate link" floating around the blogosphere...including on The Unlikely Homeschool.  As a blogger, I am legally required by the Federal Trade Commission to disclose any link that might earn revenue.  When you click on an affiliate link anywhere on my site and purchase materials, I earn a commission.  I know that most homeschoolers are living on one income in a 2-income world.  I appreciate your willingness to support other homeschool moms...myself included...by shopping via affiliate links in order that those homeschooling bloggers can purchase necessary homeschooling curriculum for their own families.

That being said, please know that I will and have only ever recommended resources that I believe in. I receive requests to review or link to potential resources nearly everyday.  But I never want to compromise your faith in me and my word by endorsing an underwhelming product in order to make a fast buck.  And so, I am choosy.  I affiliate for purpose, not pay.

6.  I value dialogue and opinions even if they differ from my own.

I appreciate your input, even if you disagree with what I have written.  Engaging in a healthy debate is beneficial to both parties.  When I receive opinions that differ from my own, I am forced to evaluate the foundation of my beliefs.  I learn.  I grow.  Sometimes I am forced to realize the error of my ways, and other times I gain a renewed faith in my particular conviction.  Yet, I desire our conversations to always be tempered with GRACE.  I promise to always afford you the grace you deserve, and I trust that you will do the same for me.

7.  I can no longer recommend Amazon links.

Up until this month, I have included Amazon links to any book recommendation that I have shared.  I know that a link that leads you directly to the item makes life so much easier for you.  You can have direct access to viewing the item without having to go searching for it.  Unfortunately, Amazon.com and a few other on-line book retailers are refusing to pay sales tax in several states including my own. Due to this refusal to comply with state tax laws, Amazon has banned bloggers in these states from linking to Amazon.com.  While I will continue to recommend my favorite books and resources, I will be unable to link them to Amazon.  Until I can find another reputable book site that complies with my state's tax regulations, I will not have links provided.

*UPDATE:  As of October 2014, I CAN recommend Amazon links.  

8.  The conversation continues elsewhere.

Admittedly, most of what I wish to chat about takes place here at The Unlikely Homeschool, but I also enjoy sharing great links to freebies, reader questions and answers, encouraging thoughts, and even the occasional family picture via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest.

9.  I'm a blog writer, but I'm also a blog reader.

Writers are always being influenced by what they read...by other writers.  I, too, glean much from the thoughts and perspectives from the writers I enjoy.  As a homeschool mom, I tend to follow blogs that focus on homeschooling and motherhood.  While my time is limited and I cannot read blog posts very often, my current favorite reads include:  
In my attempt to minister to other homeschooling moms, I never want to expose my husband or my children to unnecessary scrutiny.  I never want to be guilty of sharing the sacred...the private...with the public.  So, while I sometimes divulge the "nitty gritty" of our days, it is always with the knowledge and permission of my family and friends that I choose to write about.  

I believe that a relationship is fortified by honesty and candidness.  I hope that this raw look inside The Unlikely Homeschool has revealed some truth and has opened the door to a deeper appreciation for the journey we continue to take together.  Thank you so much for reading and for committing to this daily conversation.  The Unlikely Homeschool just wouldn't be quite the same withoutcha!

Today I am joining with the lovely ladies of iHomeschoolNetwork to bring you my weekly Top 10. A special thank you to our Top Ten Tuesday host, Angie from Many Little Blessings.


  1. great post :) regarding book links, have you checked out Barnes&Noble? they have reasonable prices (and if you're a member, free express shipping....and homeschoolers qualify as teachers and get all those discounts!). I have no idea about their sales tax status but it might work for you.

    1. Yes, I looked into Barnes & Noble and was just waiting to hear whether they were on the banned list. Got word today that they are not. Whoot! Barnes & Noble will be my GO TO book link site!

  2. great list jamie! i am so confused about #7 tho...

  3. Thanks for the shout out Jamie! Great list here! Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Great post - definitely things we should know about you, and it makes me like you even more! :)

  5. Great post-regarding books have you tried The Book Depository?

    1. No. I've not heard of them. Better go look them up!