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Top 5 Websites for Inexpensive Homeschool Curriculum

While eBay and Amazon may have the "buy for cheap" market cornered, they are not always my GO TO sites to find inexpensive HOMESCHOOLING curriculum. Many times bidding wars get out of hand or the shipping prices make an otherwise "cheap" book more expensive than I had hoped.

Before you push "add to cart" on that MUST HAVE item, be sure to check out these other lesser-known curriculum sellers for used or gently used/new curriculum. 

(This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for full details.)

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

With a combined purchasing power, this FREE buyer's co-op allows homeschoolers to buy curriculum for a much discounted price. While it is difficult to purchase ALL of your curriculum this way, this is a great resource if you are looking to buy a high-dollar curriculum all at once, such as Rosetta Stone's foreign language courses. I was recently able to snag a magazine subscription to God's World News for my kids for less than half the price.

Homeschool Classifieds

This curriculum "yard sale" takes the bidding wars OUT of buying gently used curriculum. Not only can you find curriculum to fit every teaching method and learning style at great prices, you can also find manipulatives, games, and all kinds of homeschool extras. (Be sure to peruse the "groups and activities" section for homeschool happenings in your area.)

Educator's Exchange

Although this family-run, on-line bookstore may not offer the volume of new and gently used materials that other sites do, the catalog system is SUPER easy to navigate and very organized. After two or three CLICKS, you instantly know if your book is available and its price and condition.

Second Harvest Curriculum

While this site is less user-friendly than others, it is a nice option when looking for some of the more well-known homeschool curriculums like ABeka Book, BJU Press, Apologia, and Math-U-See. As this is a third party site that sells used curriculum for others, the prices are a bit higher than Homeschool Classifieds.

Free Homeschool Deals

Run by a fellow homeschool blogger buddy, Free Homeschool Deals is the homeschooling-deal-finding-momma's best friend. While you will not find curriculum for sale, you WILL find FREE resources from around the web and the latest info on shopping discounts and curriculum coupons.

And here's a BONUS site...

Rainbow Resources

Dedicated to providing inexpensive NEW curriculum for the homeschool family, Rainbow Resources is a great ALL-IN-ONE curriculum site. Often times, I am able to find my "boxed curriculum" sets cheaper here than from the actual publisher. That being said, this site does have higher shipping prices than other sites. Bulk orders receive discounted or free shipping. Consider ordering with a friend to receive the best value.

Know of a great site for buying inexpensive curriculum NOT listed above, be sure to leave a link in the "comments" so we can all go shopping!


  1. My son takes math through mathonline.com. His required text was on abebooks.com, which I have found to be a great resourse. I just bought my daughter's next Saxon math level for $3.75 shipped! There isn't a huge selection, but it is the only place I have found Saxon that cheap.

    Ebay's half.com is another great site. A HUGE selection and you can list your used books for free. Lots of options for each title too, so you can choose cost vrs. Condition.

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  3. http://www.homeschoolfreebie.wholesomechildhood.com/

  4. Oh, that last one was a free resource. Here's a store we love where you can sell and buy used books as well as buying new ones:


  5. Hi! The Well-Trained Mind forum is a great place to look for used books. It consists of moms selling their own stuff, things they don't use or need, and buyers can leave ratings, which helps the confidence level of buying from someone you don't know :). I homeschool 5 kids so I am always looking for deals and this is the first place I look.



  6. I love www.rocksolidinc.com! Great prices and free shipping for orders over $95!

  7. I've sold and purchased from HSLDA's curriculum market.

    Most curriculum companies have a yahoo group (usually more than one). These groups often allow selling of used items.

    Library books sales and garage sales--you can find gems.

    1. Yes, I've seen the HSLDA curriculum market, but have never used it. Love buying at used book sales and garage sales. I've been amazed at how many books I've found that were on my "to buy" list for only a quarter. Great suggestions!

  8. Amazon is Awesome! Love shopping through them for cheaper used books :)
    Another Great place is Facebook. Loads of local homeschool pages that sell, swap, give, etc out there :)


  9. www.abebooks.com often has some great deals. Amazon and HS Classifieds are my favorite online sources for used books.

  10. Online, student-friendly, free curriculum: http://allinonehomeschool.com/

    1. Yes, I wish this was mentioned more often. That momma did a lot of work, it's a Cathy Duffy top pick, and it's free.

  11. I've bought from www.educents.com before. We got our Life of Fred books at a great discount, and they have sales going on all the time for other curriculum as well.

  12. www.thehomeschoolbookstore.com

  13. Is there a place to post the online classes I teach? I teach nature education, reading & writing.

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