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Homeschooling With Ebb and Flow: A Change in Read Aloud Time

Homeschooling With Ebb and Flow-The Unlikely Homeschool

Several weeks ago, I shared some handwork ideas for read aloud time. As I mentioned, this is not something we do everyday, but enjoy on occasion when the kids are especially antsy during that time of day.

You may also remember my thoughts on homeschooling with a baby or a toddler and how babies often necessitate schedule/school day change. Well, the two worlds have collided, causing me to re-evaluate our afternoon reading time. Because the Newbie has begun to explore and test his boundaries, it has become quite difficult for the other children to have small pieces and parts of handwork in the living room area.

But, as I began exploring other possibilities for busy work during our read aloud time, I quickly realized that perhaps BUSY wasn't the answer. BUSY is never lacking during the school year. One quick look at our curriculum proves that. In fact, we all tenderly miss our discovery quiet time from the slow summer months...and the opportunity to pause in solitude for a short part of the day. Everyone needs some DOWNTIME after all. Even the most extroverted among us (ahem!) needs her share of introverted reflection and rest.

And so, I made the EXECUTIVE decision this past week to institute a rest time during our read aloud moments. I instructed the children to spread out with pillows...as far away from each other as possible..., lay still, and listen. So far, this has provided a nice respite right after lunch and has helped to accommodate a wandering tot who would like nothing more than to have free range of the carpet ALL BY HIMSELF.

More importantly, this has served as a nice reminder to all of us that homeschool has to ebb and flow with life. What works today, won't necessarily work tomorrow. In fact, pursuits that have long-since become homeschooling habits over the years, sometimes have to go by the wayside...if only for a little while.

If I cling so tightly to MY PLAN for our homeschooling goals, I am missing the journey along the way. I am sacrificing the forest for the trees, so to speak. This is a lesson I hope that I am teaching my children as well. Handwork is an easy thing for them to give up for this season of babyhood. The short interlude...so far...has served as a great exercise in learning FLEXIBILITY and has proven to be good practice in self-control, as they are required to BE STILL and REST.

Someday soon, we'll be able to dig through the handwork basket again. Until then, we'll all enjoy the sweet benefits of DOING NOTHING.

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