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Dear Homeschool Momma Frozen by Winter

Dear Homeschool Momma Frozen by Winter-The Unlikely Homeschool

The heavy sleet coating the streets as I write this only emphasizes the fact that we are hurdling head long into SADuary...what my friends and I "affectionately" call February in the frozen tundra where we live. February with its freezing weather, grey skies, and otherwise dreary winter blahs can easily bring about a frosted view of of the world and everything in it. As winter clings and refuses to concede to spring, we look for change. Change to bring about revival...Change to breathe life into the everyday again...Change to remind us to KEEP GOING.

In winter, what was a DELIGHT, suddenly becomes a DRUDGE. As homeschool moms, its easy for us to crave change. So many of our days seem woven in routine...and sometimes even...dare I say it...{gulp} monotony.

The biting winter desolation of


feelings of inadequacy




are even more magnified for the homeschool mom.

If the frostbite of winter homeschooling has fractured your joy...your delight in your children and the calling that God has whispered upon your heart...be encouraged, sweet momma!
Be confident of this...
"that HE who began a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ." 
Phil. 1:6b

You are performing a good work! Do not grow weary in "well doing." If this is what He has called you to do, you CAN DO IT! He will sustain you.

If you are facing a winter season in your homeschooling, be warmed by this unchanging truth of seasons set in motion by the ONE who sees all our days...

It is only in the barren white of winter that you can ever catch the first glimpse of the fragile buds of SPRING...of LIFE...of CHANGE!


  1. Thank you for this! Your post on curriculum change made me realize that ours has to go (we are using a boxed one that doesn't meet our needs at all); the opposite of what your article intended, but something I had not contemplated. And now I am feeling weary facing the changes in the bleak winter we have here in South Dakota. Yuck. He is good and will guide us!

    1. Switching curriculums is a big transition, but sometimes it just HAS TO BE DONE. I'm glad the post helped solidify your decision. God IS good...ALL THE TIME. He will be with you during this rough season. Winter is hard. I'm from the sunny....SUNNY south and am still getting used to the dark of northern winters...after nearly 12 years. I imagine South Dakota winters are a lot like ours.

  2. I live in Fort Worth, TX. The feelings you described are exactly mine in July thru most of September. We tend to start our homeschool August 1st, just to escape the boredom and monotony we face with 100+ temps outside...too hot to venture out of doors after 10am. Going to the pool helps, but even that gets old. I was born and raised here, but I can't seem to shake the S.A.D. feelings I get in the summer...am I the only one???

    1. Amy, I lived in Phoenix, AZ for nearly 22 years. I can TOTALLY relate! It got so hot that I felt like I was a prisoner in my own home...which is kinda how I sometimes feel now in the cold.

  3. Thank you-I don't like February much either so this was an encouragement. I'm putting a link to this in a post on my blog.