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Adding Some FLASH to Flashcard Review: Beat the Clock

Adding Some FLASH to Flaschcard Review-The Unlikely Homeschool

Yeah! We've made it to Day 4 of Adding Some FLASH to Flashcard Review! I hope it has helped to add some life back into the "mid year slump."

Look out! Today's game brings about some serious competition. No need to worry about hurt feelings or poor sportsmanship, however, because there's only ONE competitor. One winner. No losers!

To play beat the clock

Grab a stack of flashcards...any ones will do...and a digital timer, preferably one with a second hand.  

Beat the Clock-flashcard race with built in self-motivation-The Unlikely Homeschool

Instruct your child to answer the flashcards as quickly as he/she can. Time him to see how fast he can complete the stack. (Or, assign a particular amount of time and see how many cards he can answer in that amount of minutes.)

Beat the Clock-flashcard race with built in self-motivation-The Unlikely Homeschool

Record the time (or number of cards completed). Then repeat the race and challenge your child to beat his/her original time.

It's a race against the clock and a challenge to do his/her personal best! Sometimes I record a time one day and repeat the race later in the week. My kids are always anxious to "beat themselves" and their previous time. It has been a great self-motivator. And in the end, EVERYONE'S a winner!

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  1. LOVE YOUR IDEAS!! My oldest son actually loves flash cards but the other 2 do not!! However any time I find really neat ones I try to buy them for him.

    1. Thanks! So far all my kids love them. But I think it is because they know when I drag out the flashcards, it's GAME TIME!