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What's in the Stocking Game

What's in the Stocking Game-The Unlikely Homeschool

I always try to add a few games to our Advent Countdown Calendar activities.  One that has been a family classic is the What's in the Stocking Game.

The concept is quite simple.  All you need is an empty stocking and some eager kids.  Secretly place an object...preferably a Christmas-themed item...into the stocking and choose a child to start the game.  Instruct that lucky boy (or girl) to put his hand into the stocking, feel for the item, and guess what the hidden item is without peeking into the stocking.  If he guesses correctly, he gets to choose an item to hide in the stocking for the next person to guess.  (It's best if the next guesser is chosen before the item is hidden.  He/she can leave the room or close his/her eyes while the item is found and placed in the stocking.)

For older kids, try hiding several items in the stocking at one time.  The child would then have to identify ALL the items.

Since it is such a simple game with short rounds, it has been a wonderful way to add some Christmas fun to an otherwise busy day.

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