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The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Family Traditions

The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Family Traditions-The Unlikely Homeschool
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tradition |trəˈdi sh ən|nounthe transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way 
Traditions...what bind us as a family.  
all our memories, and love, and pride held together by habit
a family "language" spoken from one generation to the next
the lore that separates one clan from another
religion, culture, and nationality spelled out in action

This Christmas as you celebrate the birth of the Newborn King, may your traditions bind you closer to Him and closer to each other.  Here is a list of family Christmas traditions that I hope will help you do just that...

Countdown to Christmas 

Traditions- Here is a list of Advent Calendar countdown activities.

50 Things to do at Christmas- And another great list...some are local suggestions.

Our Other Christmas Traditions- Make a 25 Days of Christmas Scripture Chain.  (Includes a free printable.)

Advent Calendar- Check out this list of 30+ ideas for a family Advent countdown.

Christmas in 25 Boxes- Print out 25 short devotional notes explaining the elements of the Christmas story, pair them with corresponding ornaments, and place them in Christmas boxes underneath the tree.

Countdown to Christmas with Books- Wrap 25 Christmas-themed library books in Christmas paper and let your kids open one each day.

Countdown to Christmas with a Nativity Scene- Wrap Nativity scene pieces to be opened each day before Christmas.  Great way to refocus the season back on Christ and His birth.

Jesse Tree- Read the Biblical account of Christ's lineage throughout the Old Testament each night as a family and ad and ornament depicting each section of the story onto a "family tree of Jesus".

Advent Countdown Calendar Ideas- Here are 50 ideas for an Advent calendar plus tips on how to organize and implement one.

The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Family Traditions-The Unlikely Homeschool

Keepsake of Memories

Christmas Photo Traditions- Take memorable photos each year.  (Includes a free printable for photo opportunity ideas.)

Daily December Album- Create a Christmas album featuring a page for every day in December.

Christmas Card Album- Compile a photo scrapbook of each year's Christmas card.

Ornaments and their Stories- Make a memory album detailing the meaning and history of different Christmas ornaments.

Hope Notes- Handwrite notes to each of your kids and place them in their stocking.  Include your HOPES (prayers) for that child for the coming year.  Save these to reread while you decorate for Christmas next year, to see that your hopes/prayers were answered.

Ornament Idea- Make a keepsake ornament that lists the top 3 or 4 gifts on your child's Christmas wish list.  Watch as the gifts change over the year.

Handprint Tree Skirt- Stamp a handprint of each child on the tree skirt.  Add new prints and the date each year.

The Chrsitmas Can- Set aside a can or jar full of notes from Christmases past to be read each year and added to on Christmas morning.

The Unlikely Homeschool- The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Family Traditions

Service Projects

We've Been Star'd-Randomly leave treats on someone's doorstep, ring the bell and run.  Leave a star in the yard as a sign of the random act of kindness.

Straw in Manger- Add a bit of straw to the manager with every service act a family member does to make the bed soft for Jesus.

Money Jar- Save up money in a jar throughout the year.  At Christmas, donate it to someone in need.

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness- Check out this countdown calendar full of 25 ideas for families to randomly serve others in their community during the month of December.

Light 'Em Up 2011- Here is a jar full of random act of kindness ideas to do together as a family for God's glory. (Free printables included)

Christmas Tradition: A Gift to Jesus- Begin a tradition of giving "to the least of these" in order to give a birthday gift to Christ.

The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Family Traditions-The Unlikely Homeschool

Family Fun

6 Weeks to Christmas: Create a New Family Tradition- Deliver Christmas cookies to service workers on Christmas Eve (firefighters, hospital workers, policemen).

50 Holiday Traditions- Here is a great list that includes everything from food, neighborhood, decorating, service project, gift-giving, and many more categories of traditions

10 Days of Christmas Traditions- Check out this series of posts of one family's different Christmas traditions. (Includes a link-up featuring other bloggers and their ideas.)

Cookie Decorating Party- Host a Christmas cookie decorating party.  (Includes some "how to's" to make it very successful and kid-friendly.)

After Holiday Scavenger Hunt- Create a scavenger hunt-type list to bring along with you while you look at neighborhood Christmas lights.

25 Family Christmas Traditions- Here's another list of ideas and links for fun traditions to start together as a family.

Best Family Christmas Traditions- And still another list with great photos for inspiration.

Christmas Wrapping Paper Tradition- Wrap each child's presents in a different colored wrapping paper and have the big reveal be a small snippet of paper at the bottom of their stocking.

Christmas Eve Surprise Box- On Christmas Eve, give a gift box to your kids full of new jammies, a Christmas video, and snacks.  Stay up late to watch the movie together anticipating Christmas.

The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Family Traditions-The Unlikely Homeschool

*I have joined up with the ladies of iHomeschool Network to offer you 25 Days of Christmas, and Ultimate Blog Hop of Christmas ideas.  Be sure to check out the other Ultimate Guides.

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