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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Geography Club: Peru

Geography Club: Peru

A few weeks ago, our Geography club gathered for a morning in Peru.  Out time together began by coloring a Peruvian map and flag for our Geography notebooks.  Next came a game of Four Ecosystems, a geography version of the classic game Four Corners.

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Geography Club: Peru

The Announcer's Wife labeled four of her walls with the four major ecosystems of Peru: Mountains, Oceans/Beaches, Rain Forests, and Deserts.  While closing her eyes, she instructed each of the kids to choose an ecosystem to stand next to.  She called out an ecosystem name.  Whichever kids were at that wall, were out of the game.  Everyone switched to new ecosystem locations and the game continued until one player...the winner...remained.

After the game, the kids were able to take a closer look at each of those four regions by learning a bit about the people groups and animals found in them.

Geography Club: Peru

Using From Akebu to Zapotec: A Book of Bibleless Peoples, an excellent resource from Wycliffe Bible Translators, the Announcer's Wife introduced the children to the Quetchua Indians, a Bibleless people of the Andes Mountains in southern Peru. 

Geography Club: Peru

To end the morning, she passed out an Andes Mint to each of the children and encouraged them to pray   for the people of the Andes every time they enjoyed one of these yummy treats.  

She definitely sparked compassion for the Quetchua tribe in my Super Boy.  Rarely has a mealtime prayer passed since our co-op morning that he has not reminded us all to pray for God to raise up a translator to prepare a Bible in the Quetchua language.  

Geography Club: Peru

Our family was able to end our journey through Peru by dining on a very basic version of Arroz Con Pollo, a traditional Peruvian meal of chicken with rice.  Truthfully, it wasn't a family favorite.  But, peas have never been a veggie of choice around our table.

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