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Fall "Acorn" Cookies

Fall "Acorn" Cookies-The Unlikely Homeschool

Last year for a little Thanksgiving-themed mother-daughter project, Sweetie Pea and I made these cute "acorn" cookies. We whipped up a big batch and used them as a pre-dinner treat at our feast. We put one or two out at each place setting for guests to enjoy as they waited for their turn in the dinner line.

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Acorn Cookies

You will need:
With a pastry piping bag (or a Ziplock bag with a small scissor snip in one corner), pipe a small dollop of frosting onto the bottom side of a Hershey's Kiss. Top with a mini Nilla Wafer. Then, pipe a small dot in the center of the Wafer. Top with a 1/4 inch piece of pretzel to form the stem. Chill completed "acorns" for a few minutes until the frosting hardens a bit. Serve with a smile.


  1. I LOVE these!! My boys will definitely enjoy making them. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Cute idea! I didn't even know they made Mini nilla wafers! I love ideas like this and the boys do too. :)

  3. We made these last year to share at my daughter's Thanksgiving feast at school. It was a great project to make together, and she was so proud to share them. Thanks for the reminder.