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American Girl History Units: Kit

Welcome to another Friday of American Girl History Units. Today, Susan Mathis is sharing her thoughts on Kit. As my father was born at the very end of the Great Depression, the story of Kit has always sparked my interest. I look forward to incorporating my own family history as I read this delightful series with my children.

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Written by Susan Mathis.

Kit's life captures both the sorrow and triumphs of the Depression Era in America. Look for ways to encourage your daughter to work to overcome adversity in life, just as her great grandparent's would have done.

Week 1

Mark Kit’s home of Cincinnati, Ohio on a map. In many ways, her home was more like Samantha’s than Rebecca’s, though her family was not wealthy, especially after her father lost his business.

Find 1934 on the Timeline, as well as 1924, the year Kit was born. Check out the internet to find other events happening in America at about that time. The most significant of these for Kit, of course, was the Great Depression.

Choose a craft to work on while you’re studying Kit. Consider working to improve or remake something you already have, like Kit did with her aunt.

Week 2

Introduce your daughter to other famous Americas of that era, including Amelia Earhart, Shirley Temple and other women. Locate their homes on the map, and their lives and important contributions on the timeline. Remind your daughter that Kit would have followed the lives of these people through articles in the newspaper and magazines.

Watch the Kit Movie.

Week 3

Watch a Shirley Temple movie.

Interview someone who lived through the Depression. Remind your daughter that Kit would be 88 years old now.

Volunteer in a soup kitchen similar to the one where Kit saw her father.

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