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American Girl History Units: Felicity

The Unlikely Homeschool

For the next 10 weeks, I will be sharing a series of history units based on the well-loved American Girl books. I hope you'll join me each Friday as guest writer and historian Susan Mathis provides some wonderful companion activities for each of the historical dolls and their stories.

If you missed last Wednesday's launch post, be sure to skip over to read a few introductory thoughts about organizing an American Girl Doll History curriculum and to meet KAYA.
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Felicity grew up in one of the most exciting places and times in American history. Her stories lend themselves to discussions of loyalty to family and country, as well as the sacrifices our ancestors made for our freedom.

Week 1

Mark Felicity’s home on the map.

Find 1774 on the Timeline, as well as 1764, the year Felicity was born. Check out the internet to find other events happening in America at about that time. The most significant of these for Felicity would have been the coming American Revolution.

Choose a craft to work on while you’re studying Felicity. Consider knitting, since this would have been a skill Felicity would have been mastering.

Week 2

Watch the Felicity movie and/or Johnny Tremain, both of which are set in the same era.

Look up information about Colonial Williamsburg on the Internet. There is a wealth of knowledge available related to this historic site.

Week 3

Manners were very important in Felicity’s time. Have your daughter practice what she has learned from reading about Felicity at a tea party for her friends.

Felicity loved riding Penny. If possible, take your daughter somewhere where she can ride a horse or pony.

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Susan Mathis is the homeschooling mom of three children and a large number of American Dolls. She also joins her husband's blog, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Holiness.


  1. These Unit Studies are such a great idea... love them! Thank you!!

  2. Love all of your ideas! Where did you mark on the map for Josefina's home?

    1. I was wondering the same thing.

    2. This series was written years ago by a guest writer. I'm not sure how to answer that question.