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Tuesday's Tot Trio #14

Welcome to the Tot Trio...where I share three simple "tot school" ideas. You've come just in time...only one more trio left until the end of the school year.

Because I was doling out medicine last week, Greased Lightning became a bit intrigued by the medicine droppers. After I thoroughly disinfected them, I rounded them all up for this tot-friendly color mixing activity. I filled up four water glasses, put a few drops of food coloring into each one, and showed him how to squeeze the droppers properly. He was so excited when he could "magically" make the yellow water turn green by adding blue or make the red turn orange by adding yellow.

The older two boys were assigned the task of helping Greased Lightning with a floor puzzle.

I was reminded of making sensory toys from Familylicious. Back when I taught preschool...YEARS ago...I remember my class loving home made sensory-type toys. I usually had sensory bottles, but this is a new spin on it...sensory bags.

I put inexpensive hair gel in a zipper bag, (You can get large bottles at the dollar store.) added a few drops of food coloring and some fun trinkets. I put wiggle eyes in one and foam flower cutouts that I had left over from a craft in the other. After sealing the bags, I put packaging tape around all the edges. You can also put each bag into another bag to prevent seepage. Greased Lightening spent a good part of an afternoon squishing all the goop. Then the older kids wanted turns.

Remember, although I will be sharing more of Greased Lightnings adventures throughout the summer, there's only one more Tot Trio...coming up next week.

Be sure to head back to Tot Trio #13 if you missed last week!


  1. I tend to neglect sensory stuff, accidentally of course, but it is odd since my daughter has a sensory disorder that I don't make it a major priority. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. You bet! If you come up with any great ideas that really work for her, I'd love to hear them.

  2. I am so glad you made the sensory bags they are so much fun. I love the blue one with the eye balls.