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Tuesday's Tot Trio #12

If you are looking for a couple of simple, budget-friendly activities to keep your tot engaged during the school day, you've come to the right place!

The Hubs brought home a bag filled with paper shreds from the office. I threw all these in a plastic tub along with a handful of small toys and let Greased Lightning go on a treasure hunt to claim all the trinkets.

He was joined by some favorite family "friends" later in the week...Disney Pixar Cars.

I set out pieces of colored construction paper and encouraged him and Blonde Warrior to sort the Cars by colors.

Contrary to the rather bored looking faces in this picture, the boys had a great time and ended up sorting and resorting the Cars several more times.

As simple as it sounds, tearing paper is always a tot favorite. Greased Lightening sat at the school table one afternoon with a piece of scrap paper and ripped it into a million little snippets. He collected them neatly into an empty bowl.

I hope this has inspired a little tot-friendly creativity in you.

Need more inspiration? Here's a few more ideas.


  1. Stopping by from KBN. You have some great ideas here. I never thought of using shredded paper that way! I like it! Love sorting the cars by color too :)

  2. I love the sorting cars idea. That would definitely get my kiddos attention!

  3. I love the sorting cars ideas thats something we will have to try this week :0)

  4. I need to make use of our shredded paper now, thanks for sharing!

  5. The sorting cars idea is genius. Definitely going to do that with my 3yr old next week. Found you through the COH linky party.

  6. love it, my son made a "paper box" out of left over cut up paper we had from a craft and put his "working trucks" in and played, he still has it and plays with it at times! Need to to the color sorting thing with him, he would enjoy that. thanks for sharing

  7. As they get older and their critical thinking skills develop you can continue having them sort the trucks not only by color but by size, shape, color, purpose, etc. Such a great idea and so much more relevant than sorting beans!

  8. I love the idea of shredded paper as a sensory material . Thanks so much for sharing with Tuesday Tots!

  9. Stopping by from KBN :) I have had my identity stolen so I shred all my old mail. I end up with a lot of shredded paper. Now I have a great use for it. Thanks for the idea!

  10. Sensory boxes always seem a bit of a scary concept but this looks achievable and non-scary! The colour sorting is a great added extra.

  11. Thanks for linking up with Happy Homemaker Me's Sensory Fun! I love the idea of using shredded paper. How fun!

    The color sorting idea is great, too. I love it!

    ♥ Bethany