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ABC Book: Letter O

If you haven't noticed with the last few ABC Book posts, Blonde Warrior has been working his way through the vowels, but not necessarily in order...remember, there is method to my madness.  

Take a look at Letter "O".  I let Blonde Warrior choose a tissue paper color and then I helped hold the blue that he had chosen so that he could cut eight long strips of it.  He, then, glued those strips on the bottom of the "O"

He used some markers to color the letter and add a face in the middle.  Can you guess what he made?

O is for Octopus

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  1. I can't click on a link for "method to my madness", but I'd like to know the method! :)

    1. Sorry Heidi, I think I have it working now. Thanks for letting me know! : )

  2. Whenever we taught letters at school, the kids always went with octopus for O :) The legs bring in extra counting skills as well :D Thanks for sharing. Debs

  3. I love the octopus legs on the letter "O"! So cute! Thanks for stopping by ourcultivatedlife:)

  4. How am I going to find time to go through 188 blog links? LOL Just loving your linky party. Will definitely be coming back. :o)