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Make-A-Plate Kit Review & Giveaway

Six or so years ago, we began one of our favorite family-time traditions. I purchased a vibrantly colored plate at the Dollar store and declared it to be a special Family Celebration Plate. That original, rather simple plate was quickly replaced by a hand-painted version that displayed our last name and an encouraging verse.

Since that time, we have used this plate as a reusable “trophy” to celebrate achievements like the first “dry” day during potty training, improving in a difficult subject in school, scoring a winning goal, or as an acknowledgment of wise choices and good character lived out. By allowing a family member to eat dinner off the celebration plate, we were announcing their success to everyone else at the table and encouraging others to give much-deserved praise. My husband and I also take turns awarding each other with the use of the plate allowing the children a chance to see that we have responsibilities, ministries, and passions apart from them.

Everyone gets soooooo excited when the plate comes out and is presented with a pile of yummy dinner. After our dinner-time prayer, I announce who gets the plate and why it is being presented. Then we all get a chance to congratulate the recipient.

A few weeks ago, while searching through the kitchen cupboards in a careless rush, I knocked into the beloved plate and watched it as it went crashing to the counter in pieces. I was instantly crushed thinking about all the wonderful memories it represented. But, after a few moments of gloom, I realized that a plate is only THAT--a plate--and can be remade to carry on our much-loved tradition.

Although I could've easily just reproduced the original with another white plate and some paint pens, I chose to take a more durable, professional quality route.

This time around, I ordered one of the fabulous memory keepers from MAKit Products. Since 1969, MAKit Products has been preserving cherished memories on their unique Magic Factory melamine ware including plates, bowls, platters, tumblers, and mugs. Children of all ages can create a singular work of art, mail their work to the talented folks at MAKit Products, and receive a personalized keepsake print a few weeks later.

In addition to their dishwasher-safe, break-resistant Magic Factory line, MAKit also offers a complete line of Snappie Products. These simple gift kits allow you to create an instant, one-of-a-kind design and snap it into place with no processing required. Snappie Products includes planters, coasters, key chains, luggage tags, Christmas ornaments, and more.

Make a Plate Kit for family dinner plate keepsake-The Unlikely Homeschool

For obvious reasons, I ordered their most popular product, their one-of-a-kind Make A Plate Kit. Each kit comes complete with everything you need to create a unique, 10-inch family memento.
  • 5 drawing sheets
  • a pack of Crayola brand markers
  • one prepaid certificate for processing
  • pre-addressed envelope for mailing your hand-drawn masterpiece
  • easy "how to" tips to create your masterpiece
Simply, follow the enclosed instructions to decorate one of the drawing sheets, mail your print along with the prepaid certificate in the pre-addressed envelope to MAKit Products, and receive a family keepsake print of your work on a white, melamine plate.

I first became aware of these exceptional family keepsakes six years ago with the birth of my oldest son. A friend presented me with a kit in hopes that I might be able to create a tangible reminder of my baby's arrival. I brought all the supplies with me to the hospital and asked all the doctors, nurses, and eager visitors to sign their names or write a brief message to my little blue bundle. I completed the treasure by adding his footprints, name, and birthdate.

Every year, on his special day, I whip out this birthday treasure. Although I typically buy themed paper plates for serving up a birthday cake and/or a birthday meal, he always opts to eat his portion on his very own BIRTH-day memory plate. He loves hearing the story of that day and reading off all the names of those who came to celebrate his arrival.

Since then, we've added three more BIRTH-day plates to our cupboards.

Here is a picture of our latest works in progress. On the left is a special creation honoring my youngest. And on the right, is the start of Family Celebration Plate III. For the sake of anonymity, all of these plates have been digitally distorted to camouflage names and dates. The thing I most appreciate about these plates is their durability. Each melamine plate is nearly indestructible ensuring many years of lasting memories.


  1. I like your idea of the birthday plate. I would probably just make one for the whole family to use, since it's a little late for the actual birth feet print.

  2. Very cool idea! I have thought of making a "special plate" for our family over the years. I know my kids would love to put their artwork together on something that they could actually eat off of :)

  3. I have seen your plates and know the joy your family gets from using them. I would like to share in that tradition so if I do not win, I think I will have to purchase them.

  4. I have been thinking about buying/making a special plate for my kids, as we don't currently have one and I like the idea of using it as a reward for doing something good. I'm sure my kids would love it and would definitely work toward earning the plate to eat off of.

  5. I know that my five year old son would love to do this. He is the baby and I know he would love to have something to call his own.
    clarksrfun at gmail dot com

  6. First, I would like to make a special, all-purpose special occasion plate. I think it would be cool to make one each Christmas or birthday, too!

  7. I love the idea of having a celebratory plate for everyone to share depending on the occasion:)

  8. Thanks for entering this on my site...I just tweeted about it.