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Tuesday's Tot Trio #6

Welcome to my weekly Tot Trio. I hope the following three tot-friendly ideas will inspire some creative activities at your school table this week.

Greased Lightning joined us for our Language lesson. His "assignment" was to transfer these colored pom-poms from their container to the ice tray using a pair of kid-sized tongs. (He used the tongs that came with our pretend doctor kit, but a small pair of ice tongs or even fingers would work just as well.) He has slowly began to master and even insist upon sorting by color. So, he chose to group the pom-poms in separate squares according to hue.

Next came a NO MESS painting activity. I placed three blobs of finger paint onto a piece of paper, put the paper in a gallon sized storage bag, sealed it to the table with packaging tape, and let him and Blonde Warrior squish themselves a masterpiece.

As an added bonus, this little art lesson proved to encourage a discussion on color mixing.

And for his last tot "to do", Greased Lightning spent some time threading our lacing cards. These are just an inexpensive set I purchased a few years ago at Walmart, but you can always make your own using some basic supplies. Here are a few tutorials to get you started...

Little Birdie Secrets
A Girl and a Glue Gun


  1. Love your mess free finger painting! Thanks for posting.

  2. Hi thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I just found this link up. I haven't done any post on homeschooling because my blog is so new. I just started it when my 6th child was stillborn 1-24-12. I love homeschooling and will write about it soon. I noticed that you worked for Abeka we use Abeka. Super cute BLOG!!!