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Tuesday's Tot Trio #4

If you are looking for a few simple "tricks" to pull out for your little tots to do during school time, look no further than this week's Tot Trio.

We had a healthy dumping of snow in our neck of the woods this week, and although I knew the fresh powder would be ideal for an afternoon romp, the wind made the out-of-doors a bit unfriendly until about midday. But, with the help of a few buckets, I was able to bring in some of the fresh "white", load it up in the sink, slap some mittens on Greased Lightning and big brother Blonde Warrior, and watch as they enjoyed a solid hour of winter fun in the kitchen.

Although Greased Lightning still struggles at times to "open" the safety scissors, he has mastered the "close" position. By pre-cutting a few strips for him, he can snip small scraps with just one "close" position, use both hands to "open" the blades, and then snip again.

I save these snippets for another day when I can cover an old cookie sheet with contact paper...sticky side up. Grabbing a few snips at a time and placing them somewhere on the tacky paper makes for great fine motor development necessary for good penmanship someday.

Here's a few more Tot friendly ideas.


  1. Thanks for all these great Tot ideas! I struggle with finding things for my Littles (an almost 3 year old son and 18 month old daughter) to do while I am teaching my 6 year old. So many of these ideas can be done by both of the Littles! I love your blog!

    1. Great! I'm glad they will work for you. My boys love to be "busy" together. Sounds like your kiddos do too!