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Valentine's Day 2012

Since the birth of Sweetie Pea, the Hubs has purposed to make every effort to be her special Valentine. He desires to set the standard of male sentiments and affections high in her life so that she will feel compelled to do the same someday.  So, every Valentine's Day, he buys her a special treat to show her how uniquely special she is to him.  This year, a heart-shaped box of her favorite chocolate treats was awaiting her.  As an added bonus, our boys get to see how the Hubs treats me and Sweetie Pea on this special day and will hopefully tuck that knowledge away for their future wives and daughters someday.

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In addition to Sweetie Pea's early morning surprise from dad, each of the kids received a Valentine card from mom at the breakfast table.  (Each year our co-op hosts a small Valentine's party complete with a card exchange.  Because our group is not that large, my kids always end up with leftover, unused Valentines.  Since my Littles have no desire to give the same cards two years in a row, I save these remnants and repurpose them next year in crafts or special Valentine messages for the family.)

Ever the living-literature learners, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to read Valentine Cats by Jean Marzollo in place of our traditional afternoon read-aloud.

After lunch found us playing a Valentine's version of a popular white elephant Christmas gift exchange game.  To play, you will need a bag of inexpensive candy treats (We used Conversation Hearts.), a dice, and a master list of "the rules."  To make the rules, I just assigned some kind of "action" for every possible roll on the dice.  Actions included:  Pick One (from the communal pile in the middle), Put One Back, Take One from Someone Else, and Skip...with a few repeats.  

Everyone began the game with 5 pieces of candy.  We each took turns rolling the dice and completing the required action.  

After a dozen or so rounds, we got to eat our "earnings."

What were you up to this Valentine's?

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