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Tuesday's Tot Trio #3

Welcome to Tuesday's Tot Trio where I share three tot-friendly school day ideas to keep little hands busy in a CONSTRUCTIVE way!

For this week's trio, Blonde Warrior joined Greased Lightning for some small motor skill development. I set out a bucket of straws that I had purchased at the Dollar Tree some time ago. ( I keep these simply for various school activities and crafts.)

With the addition of an upside-dpwn laundry basket, the boys shot straws into the holes until the bucket was empty and then lifted the basket, retrieved the pile of straws, and started all over again.

String beads are not his favorite activity, but, after a few months of trial and error, Greased Lightning has been able to sit for an extended period of time and make a lengthy string. As he progresses in age, he can use these beads to practice making patterns with colors and shapes.

Board book "picnics" are a daily activity. Although like most kids, he has his favorites, for variety's sake, it helps to pick up a weekly supply of new "reads" at the library and mingle these in with his "must haves."

For the last few months, I have incorporated a "blanket time" for Greased Lightning. I only use this modern-day play pen when I absolutely need 10-15 minutes of stationary fun for him. In the coming weeks I will explain further how and why I've introduced "blanket time."

For a few more Tot friendly ideas, head on over to last week's trio.


  1. That's my kind of picnic! :) Stopping by from the HOP.

  2. Cool fine motor activity! Came over from HOP.