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20+ Christmas Chapter Books to Read Together

chapter book and Christmas blanket

The crackling of a cozy fire swathed with red and green stockings, the warmth of an oversized cup of cocoa, the comfort of your children nestled beside you--it's a picture torn right from the pages of a Norman Rockwell calendar. The only thing missing is a book placed gently in the center, captivating the listeners and drawing them closer together through the experience of a shared story. But not just any book, mind you. A book that conveys the sentiments of the season. A book draped with the wonder of winter. A book that echos the joy of Christmas.

30 Best Thanksgiving Picture Books

reading a Thanksgiving book together

With Thanksgiving nearly here, I've got my book basket filled and overflowing with some of our most favorite seasonal living books. Some of these are about the first Thanksgiving that took place 400 years ago and the rest are about how Americans have celebrated the day ever since. Many of the titles are thoughtful. Others are silly. But they are all treasured family favorites that my kids and I have enjoyed for years.

The 2021 TUH Gift Guide for Book Lovers

library card mug

Warm flannel blanket, hot cup of cider, fuzzy socks, crackling fire--most readerly people aren't just here for the books, we're here for the entire literary lifestyle. 

When shopping for the library addict in your life or for yourself (No judgment. This is a safe space.), books are an easy YES. You can rarely go wrong buying the latest title from a favorite author, especially if it is clean and captivating! However, if you're looking for a little something extra to put under the tree for your bookworm, look no further.

What We're Reading in October 2021

Holding a book

Libby has been a kind companion to me this past month. Even during a rather busy season, I've been able to slam through a handful of titles that I've been wanting to vet for the tween/teen book club I host for my son and his friends. Listening to these middle grades on the free library audiobook app has allowed me to save my focused reading time for print books of my own choosing.

A Christian Mom's Guide to Choosing Clean Books for Kids

reading in the window

Since they were very little, I’ve always allowed my kids to select picture books at the public library. Before checking them out, I quickly sift through the stack they’ve culled and weed out any books that may not be appropriate, briefly explaining why a book doesn’t make the cut. 

With novels, I take a slightly different approach.