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Favorite Read Alouds & Read Alones in 2023

Reading by the fire

According to a recent report from the Washington Post, nearly 50% of American adults read 0 books in 2023. 33% finished reading at least 5 books. And sitting at the very top, 1% of the population read 50 books or more. The 1500-person test group represents a very small cross-section of humanity, in my opinion. Nonetheless, the statistics are disheartening and bear severe implications for the dwindling vocabularies, attention spans, and overall knowledge base of our citizenry.

The 5 Most Popular Posts of 2023

Boy looking in a microscope

Since the inception of the interwebs, viral has become a tricky word. It has its roots in things like viruses, infections, and germs. And yet, in our digital days, viral speaks more of popularity than poison. I guess we can chalk it up to our ever-evolving zeitgeist which is, unapologetically, like a virus--moving, growing, and multiplying in contagious ways.

4 Ways I'll be Increasing in 2024

My 2024 goals

2023 was one of simplicity and small joys. Before I move forward, however, I have to first look back. I have to take stock of how I did or did not honor the commitments I made to myself last year. Like always, I set four goals for myself. They were as follows:

Creating a Christmas Notebook

Christmas Notebook

For a season that is draped in tradition, Christmas often has a way of making everyone feel a little frazzled and foggy-brained, especially moms. And while there are definitely many extras added onto the month of December--parties to attend, treats to bake, gifts to wrap, decorations to put up--most of the hubbub that happens around the holidays is routine. The to-dos happen every year at exactly the same time in exactly the same way.

Big ol' List of Christmas Schooling Resources

Building a gingerbread house

I've been told there are three types of homeschoolers in December: those who stick to a regular school routine until a few days before Christmas, those who take the entire month off and completely embrace the delights of the holidays, and those who incorporate seasonally-themed learning activities to create Christmas School.

I kind of land somewhere in the middle, taking a full three weeks off during the month to sprinkle in lots of Christmas traditions and learning activities into our days. Truth be told, I've never done an open-and-go Christmas curriculum but have always preferred to piecemeal my own resources.