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What We're Reading in November 2022

reading by a wood stove

Last month at my book club, I was handed a title that I knew nothing about. Since I'm not in charge of choosing our monthly selections, I'm usually ignorant about the novels until cracking them open. 

While I was not familiar with that particular book, I did recognize the name of the author. She had written a middle-grade fiction a few years ago that had garnered multiple awards from the ALA (red flag #1--I don't let my kids read most modern award winners.) Her second title was also a middle grade and one that I had decided against when vetting it for my other book club, a tween/teen group I lead for my son and his friends. If memory serves, it included inappropriate language and lots of cultural name-dropping (red flag #2).

30 Stocking Stuffers for Teens {all under $10}

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I'm a creature of habit who likes to put as much of her life on auto-pilot as possible, including gift-giving. I don't like wasting precious time in decision fatigue, trying to figure out what I want to buy for each of my kids. So years ago, I put together a formula for buying both their under-the-tree gifts and their stocking stuffers. This helps me stay within my budget of $100 a person and provides enough freedom so that I can buy items specific to the unique personalities and passions of each of my kids. (When my kids were little the budget was $60, but as they've gotten bigger, alas, so has inflation.)

Meal Time Hacks for the Homeschool Mom

mom cooking with kids around her

Written by Krista Smith.

One of my dearest friends is expecting her fifth baby sometime in the new year. She is one of the women for whom pregnancy is an uphill battle from start to finish—which is why she reached out for some advice on how to make cooking for her growing family more manageable when all she feels like doing is curling up on the couch with a bucket in front of her face.

So, I sat down and thought of as many of the time-saving tips as I could and I hope you’ll benefit from them too!

The 2022 TUH Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Reader holding a Book Nerd Cup

Helpful PSA: I'm not a fan of shopping. As a general rule, I'd rather braid the hair of my neighbor's cat than enter a department store. There is one teensy exception to my self-diagnosed shopping allergy, however. I'm sure you can guess what it is.


I'd also add their bookish next of kin--readerly accessories--to my short list of items that can lure me into the mall. (Why? Because as a reader, I'm not just here for the books, I'm here for the entire literary lifestyle. It's an incurable disorder. I've come to terms with it. If we're to be friends, you should too.)

Learning American History Through Literature: An Open-and-Go Charlotte Mason History Progam

Reading a living book

In the past fifteen years of homeschooling, I've used three different phonics/grammar programs and two different spelling programs. I've started a math curriculum, switched to something else for a few years, and then switched back again. I've thrown together a hodge-podge assortment of various books, kits, and even textbooks to create an a la carte science experience. I've cobbled together many different resources for both art and Bible.