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Creating a Christmas Notebook

Christmas Notebook

For a season that is draped in tradition, Christmas often has a way of making everyone feel a little frazzled and foggy-brained, especially moms. And while there are definitely many extras added onto the month of December--parties to attend, treats to bake, gifts to wrap, decorations to put up--most of the hubbub that happens around the holidays is routine. The to-dos happen every year at exactly the same time in exactly the same way.

Big ol' List of Christmas Schooling Resources

Building a gingerbread house

I've been told there are three types of homeschoolers in December: those who stick to a regular school routine until a few days before Christmas, those who take the entire month off and completely embrace the delights of the holidays, and those who incorporate seasonally-themed learning activities to create Christmas School.

I kind of land somewhere in the middle, taking a full three weeks off during the month to sprinkle in lots of Christmas traditions and learning activities into our days. Truth be told, I've never done an open-and-go Christmas curriculum but have always preferred to piecemeal my own resources.

The 2023 TUH Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Bookish mug

There are ten of us in total. We gather in my living room every fourth Monday of the month. Scootching our chairs close together, we open our books. Whether we loved it or hated it, we're always ready to talk about it. We've got big thoughts about the month's title and even bigger thoughts about books in general. We're a book club.

Before settling in for a great discussion, I almost always pass out a slice of this or a scoop of that--a sweet treat for the women to enjoy. They balance their plates precariously on their laps and hold a hot cup of something in their hands. In the last two years of playing hostess to this motley crew of women, I've slowly curated a collection of book-themed mugs.

8 Quick-Tips for Working at Home and Homeschooling

typing at a desk

As I write this, The sun is barely peeking up from the horizon. My husband and children are all still firmly nestled in their beds. I'm a morning person living in a house full of night owls. Knowing this, I do my best to steward my moments--to squeeze the most work out of any available downtime.

I'm a work-at-home mom.

Organizing Your Homeschool Year: Using Work Binders & Task Cards

Task Cards in school bins

Written by Krista Smith.

You’ve stuck with me for three out of the four parts in this series on organization, and we’re finally in the home stretch. In Part 1, I showed you the ugly underbelly of my early homeschooling years and how that difficult time was the impetus for a big change in the way I plan and organize everything from the macro (yearly) level down to the nitty gritty micro (daily) level.