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Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2022-2023

The Unlikely Homeschool Curriculum 2022

As my kids each tiptoe towards the teen years, we spend less and less time learning as a group in order that they can each have more time exploring their own passions in the school day and beyond.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is as it should be. Deep, layered work requires that each individual be given time to pursue their own interests. When they were younger, we were sampling and surveying topics together. Now in their teens, my oldest three kids need even more space and time to chase a few specific things that they are most interested in. And the younger two aren't too far behind.

What We're Reading in June 2022

Looking in a Little Free Lending Library

Reading is important. In the schedule of our daily homeschool, it's second only to our Morning Time when we open God's Word and grow in our knowledge of Him. 

That said, in the summer months, reading is still important, but it often takes a back-burner to outdoorsy activities.

Gentle Schooling for Summer 2022

Building a stone tower by the lake

We've pulled the plug on the 2021-2022 school year. We took our last day of school photo, went on a celebratory field trip with our co-op to a local Veteran Historic Center, filled out our last-day interviews, and enjoyed a few scoops at a favorite ice cream shop.

What We're Reading in May 2022

Jamie Erickson reading When the Day Comes

We're heading into our summer schedule. In the next few days, we'll set aside our formal academics and take a looser approach to learning. But while we'll ignore the math sheets and grammar pages, we'll still make time for reading. 

We'll keep our regular weekly visits to the library. We'll stay up late reading under covers. And we'll continue to enjoy a chapter or two from a read-aloud after lunch. 

How to Host a Book Club for Reader-ly Tweens & Teens

Stack of middle school books on couch

In the last few years, I've noticed a trend on Instagram. My feed has been flooded with wonderfully curated pictures of poetry tea times and book adventure clubs hosted by area libraries, homeschool co-ops, or even just individual families. These posts usually start with some kind of convincing preamble like, "Do you have a child who doesn't like reading? Wanna get them hooked? All you have to do is host a monthly book experience to encourage even the most reluctant of readers to keep turning pages."