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2011-2012 Curriculum

State History: My State Fun Book and a homemade living-book-style state history program filled with field trips and great books.  (We will work our way through state history and then begin ancient history until the end of the year.)
Geography: We are finishing the rest of our states from our home-made US notebooks we started last year. (So far our Geography has been mostly homespun by using four specific resources and using these to complete our notebooks.)
History: TruthQuest Ancient Egypt and Greece (We will start this after our State History is finished.)
Phy Ed: Sneaky Fitness as well as occasional use of a Fit Kids video on snowy days. 

Language: BJU English 3, ABeka Spelling/Vocab/Poetry 3, Read & Think 3, Home-spun spelling word bank notebook
Creative Writing: a homemade squiggle book
Foreign Language: Rosetta Stone Mandarin Chinese
Life Skills: This year, she is responsible to make easy Sunday night dinners with the help of the Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls. She will also be sewing matching aprons for her and her American Girl doll from a basic prepackaged sewing kit for kids.
Music: Piano Lessons
Penpal: Continuing to practice basic writing skills with a homeschooling girlfriend in another state.
Handwork for our Read Aloud time: She will be learning to cross-stitch from a simple plastic canvas/yarn kit.

Devotions: Hear Me Read Bible
Phonics/Reading: ABeka Phonics K-5
Creative Writing: Story Starters: Imagine That! and All About Me
Penpal: He dictates his letter to me and then draws a picture to go with it.
Handwork for our Read Aloud time: Sticky Mosaics Pirates 

Devotions: I read to both Blonde Warrior and Greased Lightening from a simple preschool Bible.
ABC: Home-made alphabet book and a handful of homespun alphabet projects
Language Development: The Baby's Lap Book (nursery rhyme book)
Numbers/Shapes/Color Review: Home made activities with the help of a few core books/games
Handwork for our Read Aloud time: stickers, lace-n-trace, coloring, wooden puzzles, legos, tinker toys, etc.


  1. A question about abeka phonics. I didn't use it for K with my first son, but I did use it for 1st. I plan on using it for K with my 2nd son. There are a lot of optional flashcards. Which ones do you use?

    1. Great question! I'm actually going to be making a video about this soon. I use the Basic Phonic Flashcards, Blend Practice Cards B, and the phonics charts. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi! Would you mind sharing the living books you used for your MN state study? I would like to do something similar with my children. Thank you!

    1. This was over 10 years ago, I don't quite remember. Sorry.