I'm a wife to my "Mr. Right". A momma of five. A maker of slow food and simple living. A collector of memories, a keeper of books, and a champion for books that make memories. An addict who likes my half-and-half with a splash of coffee. A fractured pot transformed by the One Who makes broken things beautiful. I heart homeschooling, brake for libraries, and am glad you're here with me on the journey! Be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter. Or, follow along with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Youtube, or Pinterest.

the Cast

 The Unlikely Homeschool

I am the doting wife to an amazing Mr. Right, the lucky mother of five wonderful gifts, and the undeserving daughter of the King of Kings. In a "former life" I was an elementary school teacher who also worked a part-time gig for one of the nation's leading homeschooling curriculums, ABeka Book. I feel very fortunate to be able to use two of my greatest passions...my love for Christ and my passion for education...to "train up my children."

I don't claim to have all the answers.  And, in truth, the verdict is still out on my parenting and homeschooling ability...only time will tell.  But, I'm glad you've decided to join me on this incredible journey and look forward to sharing a few of the things that I have and will learn along the way.

the Hubs
By day, he is the senior art director at a local advertising/media firm.  By night, he is the manager of his own home-grown, hand-picked softball team.  In his free time, he moon-lights as a real-life American Picker, buying rusty junk to sell for profit to collectors.  The Hubs was homeschooled for seven years and is grateful to be able to witness the passing of the homeschooling torch to the next generation...his very own children.

Sweetie Pea
Fourth Grade

Super Boy
First Grade

 Blonde Warrior

Greased Lightening

The Newbie
Born April 2012


  1. What a precious crew!!! Has the newbie made his/her appearance?

    1. Yep. April 6th was the big day. I am in the processes of getting some better quality pics up, but until then, here's a link to a couple. http://www.theunlikelyhomeschool.com/2012/04/tuesdays-tot-trio.html

  2. My newbie was born April 1st 2012 :-)

  3. What a sweet family!! God has richly blessed you!!