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A Well-Planned Homeschool

With summer in full swing, the countdown to the 2015-2016 school year has begun. I have prepared an annual portfolio for last year's work. I have packed up the old books and have brought out the new. I have made a few last minute curriculum decisions.

And now, I've come to the fun part...
the part I always look forward to.

Now it's time to begin sketching out the upcoming school year.

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It's no secret that I love my Well-Planned Day Planner. It's kind of like my second brain. Oh, who am I kidding? It is my brain.

Honestly, I'd be lost without it. (To read my full review of the Well-Planned Day Planner, head here>>>)

What I love most about having a well-ordered plan in place is that I don't have to invent the wheel, so to speak, every single day of the school year. With a little bit of purposeful time spent during the summer months to plan my entire school year, I can pretty much put homeschool on auto-pilot from September until May.

My planner helps provide forward motion and direction to our days. It provides the freedom to chase educational rabbit trails as often as we like because we know that whenever we are done wandering, we can easily jump back on track with one quick glance at the plan.

This year, in addition to the original Well-Planned Day Planner, I am also adding the Student Planner into the mix. My daughter, although relatively comfortable with her self-driven day, has asked to have a planner similar to mine. At only eleven, she has already seen how superior The Well-Planned Day planner is compared to other brands and wants one of her own. 

So, being the card-carrying member of the I-Heart-Planning-Club that I am, I happily obliged and presented her with a 2015-2016 Well-Planned Day Student Planner.

What you get in the Student Planner

The Student Planner is an elementary/middle school-friendly version of the original and comes with the following features:
  • contact information page
  • 2015-2016 Year-at-a-Glance calendar
  • 2-semester schedule pages
  • 2 "My Reading" reading log pages
  • monthly calendar spreads with a "notes" column on each
  • 2 monthly "notes" pages for each month
  • weekly assignment pages
  • suggested weekly Bible reading plan 
  • suggested weekly catechism question
  • 2 "Semester Success" pages for archiving memories of the semester
  • a "Reference" section filled with important facts-to-remember for each subject
  • 2016-2017 Year-at-a-Glance calendar
It retails for $13.95 and can be purchased here>>

My favorite features of the Student Planner

Homeschool-year-friendly calendar

While we follow a typical school year calendar of nine months on three months off, I know there are many homeschoolers who prefer a year-round calendar or even a Sabbath school calendar. Unlike other student planners, The Well-Planned Day Student Planner was created by a homeschooler with homeschoolers and their untraditional schedules in mind. The calendar runs from July to June providing scheduling space for an individualized plan.

Famous quotations

Each weekly scheduling page contains a noteworthy quotation from a famous historical person, all of which support my Biblical worldview. I plan to use these quotations for copy-work ideas for my younger kids. This will save me a.whole.lot.o'.time since I won't have to go searching elsewhere for appropriate copy work quotes.

Eye-pleasing design

To be honest, one of the reasons my daughter likes MY planner so much is that it is just plain pretty. She's right. It is. But, so is the student version. In case your child isn't really into all-things-girly, however, you can always opt for the more gender neutral design.

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Want a well-planned homeschool too?

A well-planned homeschool has to start with YOU! Might I suggest that you try the original Well-Planned Day to help organize your upcoming school year? If your day is organized and well-thought out, your child's day will be too.

Now's your chance to grab your very own copy of the 2015-2016 Well-Planned Day Planner for FREE!

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  1. Just entered the giveaway and added the student planner to my amazon cart!! this is exactly what we need right now!
    are you aware of any stores that carry this? (maybe i'm a little impatient and want to start filling in assignments tonight!!)

    1. No, I don't know of any stores that sell this particular planner. I have only ever seen them online or at homeschool conventions. Sorry. Happy planning!