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Monday, June 24, 2013

Touch Typing For Kids

Touch Typing for Kids-The Unlikely Homeschool

In a digital age when just about everything is done on-line, I rank typing as an essential, CORE skill that every child should learn.  Like most 30 somethings, I, personally, did not have formal typing instruction until high school.   My insufficiencies with a keyboard were glaringly obvious my freshman year of college when it took me twice as long to type my words as it did to write them with a pen.  That first year was quite a struggle as nearly every assignment had to be typed.  

(I was given a free membership to TypeKids.com in exchange for a thorough review.  I also received monetary compensation for my time spent in reviewing the product.  All opinions expressed were true and completely my own.  I am not responsible if your experiences vary.)

TypeKids: Touch Typing for Kids-The Unlikely Homeschool

Consequently, I began introducing the basics of typing to my oldest child when she reached second grade. By then, she had mastered all the necessary reading skills and could concentrate on other language-oriented subjects such as writing and spelling. Not only did these simple lessons/exercises teach her the basics of typing and improve her over-all speed and accuracy on the keyboard, but it also made writing and spelling practice much more enjoyable. She began her very own blog and continued to enjoy creating her own books out of stories she had written. But now she had the ability to type them herself.

For the first two year of her typing instruction, she used a basic kid's typing program, but had quickly outgrown it. This past spring while creating my curriculum shopping list, I determined to find a new typing "tutor" for her. While I did not find anything worth purchasing at my annual state convention, I was introduced to the pirate-themed online program TypeKids.com and immediately thought it was just what I needed to continue her lessons.

TypeKids: Touch Typing for Kids-The Unlikely Homeschool
Lesson 3 Exercise 1 of TypeKids.com

What I liked about TypeKids.com

It's typing with a twist.

I knew that in order to foster a DESIRE to learn to type within my girl, I could not just sentence her to a year of the same typing instruction I received in high school.  Hours of typing black-and-white jibberish  with no significant reward would NOT be enjoyable for ANY nine-year-old.  Instead, this on-line typing course is specifically designed for kids and incorporates games into the instruction.  Children are first introduced to a new typing sequence and then given ample practice of that sequence during skills exercises.  After successfully completing a few exercises, children "unlock" a portion of an on-going audio pirate tale as well as earning an opportunity to play a fun game that reviews the recently-learned skills.

TypeKids: Touch Typing for Kids-The Unlikely Homeschool
The Hammer Game - TypeKids.com

Progress reports are issued.

Unlike her previous program which issued progress reports to THE CHILD as he/she completed the lessons, TypeKids.com also issues progress reports to THE PARENT via email. This simple form of accountability alerts me of Sweetie Pea's typing strengths and weaknesses.

TypeKids: Touch Typing for Kids-The Unlikely Homeschool
Progress Report- TypeKids.com

Accuracy is emphasized.

Her previous program seemed to always emphasize speed.  Which is a valuable skill.  But, so is accuracy.  If she happens to incorrectly type a letter in the TypeKids.com program, she can not move on to the next letter until she types the missed-letter correctly.  Her speed obviously continues to improve with ACCURATE practice.  If, by chance, she needs more review of a particular letter or sequence, she can repeat the actual instruction part of the lesson at any time.

TypeKids: Touch Typing for Kids-The Unlikely Homeschool
Review Lesson - TypeKids.com

The Nitty-Gritty of TypeKids.com

  • TypeKids.com consists of 30 on-line lessons.
  • Each lesson takes approximately 25 minutes to complete.
  • Instructions are given in the form of a video demo with audio narration.
  • Retail price of the entire course is $49.95

Want to learn more about touch typing for kids?

To learn more about TypeKids.com, be sure to watch their promotional video or sign up for a free trial.


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  2. Do you have to pay this fee fore EACH child who is learning how to type? if so, do you have any suggestions of a typing program that we could purchase once and use for several children? Thanks.

    1. We've used Typing Instructor for Kids for years also. My kids love it! Plus it is 75% off on Amazon right now. Here is the link for the MAC version, but there is also a PC version. (affiliate link)

  3. Ha, ha! As we're talking about typing, I made mistakes in my typing. That should have been "for each child." And a capital on "If." Yikes.

  4. We used www.typingstudy.com . I like their professional approach, because their lessons are developed according to the standarts of ergonomics. Although it is not colorful, my kids loved it!