Taking Some of the Chaos Out of Homeschool Art Time {video}

Although most homeschool moms would be quick to acknowledge the many benefits of scheduling a weekly art time, many are naturally reluctant to make it a priority. Let's face it...sometimes art time comes with a lot of chaos. And who wants to add more of THAT to the day?!

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While I can't guarantee that art time will be mess-free, I think I can offer you one quick tip that has helped me be more prepared for art and therefor more WILLING to make it a weekly event in our home.

Are you in need of a few simple art time ideas, be sure to head on over to my Art Ideas Pinterest Board.

Just as a quick side note, While I think it is an EXCELLENT program, I have decided NOT to use Artistic Pursuits 2 in the coming school year. I think there is definite value in an art curriculum that focuses on artist studies and will plan on using this VERY art program someday. That being said however, I think there is equal value to including a "just for fun" element into the school day, as well...one that focuses on a SKILL and not a FACT. This is especially true if you have right-brain learners that may or may not naturally excel at the traditionally academic elements of school...like a historic artist study.

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