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Blog Calendar Printable

Well folks, if you have followed me here at The Unlikely Homeschool for any length of time, you know it was just a matter of time before I would have to whip together another infamous "binder".  Well, technically, it's a calendar...potato...potata...

I'm a "PLANNER."  I've embraced it!  In an effort to organize my thoughts/rantings here, I've sketched out a yearly blogging calendar for myself, complete with a Review/Giveaway summary, topic list, and to-do list.

After printing it up, I had it bound at Office Max for a few dollars and have been planning...planning...and planning!

I hope that my new little creation will help enhance our daily conversation.

IN OTHER NEWS:  I was recently invited to join forces with some amazingly talented women over at iHomeschool Network, a group of moms, who like me, have chosen to use their love of God and love of writing to minister to homeschooling moms.  I look forward to partnering with them to offer y'all some great tools to make your coming school year the best yet! In the meantime, head on over and check them out!  While you're there, sit a spell and read a post or two.  But, I digress...

In honor of that new happenin', I'm offering up my calendar to all you fellow bloggers.  Since I just put it all together, it starts in June, but runs all the way through the end of the year.  

Before downloading:  This planner is for personal use ONLY.  Please do not redistribute, altar, or sell this calendar in any form.  Feel free to print and link directly to my site to share with others.

From one bloggin' momma to another...


  1. Hey Jamie, Amie (aka Triple T Mum) from KBN. Tried to download your planner but was denied access. You'll get an email with the address 11madgecko...that's me! Looking forward to your mojo for planning rubb'n off on me!

    1. So sorry, Amie. I'm new to Google Docs. I think I've fixed it. Give it another try.

  2. Thanks! That does look helpful to this unorganized mom.

  3. Michelle BlanchetteOctober 2, 2013 at 12:06 PM

    Will you be making more years available? It's 2013 now and would love a current calendar. :)