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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Guest Post: Teach Your Child to Create an Imaginative Song

The Unlikely Homeschool-Teach Your Child to Create an Imaginative Song

Give your child an immediate confidence boost by opening his eyes to his own ability to create music. Children are naturally creative and with a little help can compose fantastic music. Start now to encourage your child’s own creative musical ability, and you’ll see amazing things happen.
The ideal first lesson builds confidence and plays on the imaginative nature of the child. The instructions below guide you in teaching your child how to create a fun themed song that sounds like it’s from outer space or under the sea.

Step 1: Position the Hands
Use the diagram as a guide to correctly position the hands. You will use the middle three fingers from each hand. Finger numbers are provided for people familiar with the piano.

Step 2: Play Through the Scale
Begin with the middle finger of the left hand and play each finger in order, going up and then coming back down.  If you like, expand the scale by playing the same keys an octave higher.

Step 3: Improvise!
Improvise! Now that you’re familiar with the tones, experiment by playing different keys in different orders.  If you like, repeat the pattern an octave higher. Play around with these keys to create a sound that you like.

To develop your child’s ability to create music, begin with simple activities which allow for easy mastery and continually add new and more complex techniques. Encourage creativity and experimentation along the way.  Before long, your child will have stored up all the skills needed to compose his own impressive music!

Continue building your child’s musical ability with another free lesson at EarTrainingandImprov.com. There you’ll also have the chance to sign up for a free newsletter with tips for teaching music to kids.
Click play to see video instructions.

Kristin Jensen is a piano teacher who specializes in teaching children to create their own music. Kristin is supported by a wonderful husband and darling toddler boy, who will hopefully soon be making music too! See Kristin's music teaching tips at EarTrainingandImprov.com

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